What Are Classes Like At Fallout?

Improv. Sketch. Choose Your Own Adventure.

The Fallout experience is unique – study comedy in this downtown basement with an alternative flare. We offer a choose-your-own-adventure style of comedy training, a welcoming community, and a rad spot to produce shows for Austin audiences.

“Taking classes at the Fallout Theater was an incredibly cool experience that has lead to great opportunities and even greater friendships. Watching some of the amazing shows they put on, I knew I wanted to be involved somehow. The improv classes I’ve taken have granted me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and gain a new, positive perspective.” – Jon G.

“My improv classes at Fallout are not only great tools for becoming a better comedian, but also a better human being in the world. Improv emphasizes listening to and supporting others in order to succeed, and that’s just solid advice for life in general. Getting trained to be attentive, present, and build-on to existing ideas is absolutely essential. Take classes here!” – Nikita R.


Our Improv Training Program consists of three levels of improv classes, where classes are two hours long and meet weekly for 8 weeks. You’ll learn how to say “yes, and”, to support your classmates in a scene, to perform different styles and more.

Once you’ve completed Level 3, we offer Upper Level Elective classes, where we hone in on certain subjects. These topics rotate every session so you get more choice in deciding WHAT parts of comedy you want to continue studying! Examples may be studying a specific show format like the famed Harold, or focusing on the “game” of the scene.

PERFECT FOR: Anyone who wants to try something new, meet fun people, feel supported and collaborate with others!


Our Sketch Comedy Writing Program consists of three levels of classes, where classes are two hours long, and meet weekly for 8 weeks. You’ll learn how to translate your ideas to the page, and then how best to showcase them on stage. You’ll receive and offer feedback to supportive classmates, with an experienced teacher guiding you the whole way.

Once you’ve graduated from Level 3, we offer an Advanced Study Sketch Program where you can continue to develop your comedy writing skills, produce shows on the Fallout stage, and get feedback on things like writing packets to submit to Late Night TV Shows.

PERFECT FOR: Creative people who are always cracking jokes and wondering what it would be like to see them come to life on stage.


Wondering what it’s like to perform for a real life audience? You’ll have plenty of opportunities as a student of Fallout (if you’re interested that is – we don’t make anyone get on stage against their will):

  • Student Groups & Shows: Each level finishes with a class recital where you can show off your skills to an audience of supporters! We also help cast and form groups of students or graduates who want to start a comedy troupe, rehearse, and submit for more shows.
  • Jelly…The Fallout Jam: Every Sunday at 5pm we invite students and seasoned performers alike to do improv together on stage (with no audience present). It’s a great opportunity to practice your skills and meet new people!
  • More Stage Time: Many weekly shows at Fallout have open submissions, if you, your improv or sketch troupe would like to apply for a 15-18 minute slot. We’ll also help you submit your own show ideas to the Fallout schedule.

Questions? Email Cody Dearing at classes@fallouttheater.com

Anti-Harassment Policy:
The Fallout Theater has a zero-tolerance policy concerning any intimidating, abusive, or harassing actions. All members of the community are responsible for maintaining a safe environment as a place of learning and performance, for building each other up through respect and not tearing each other down based on perceived differences. All individuals are strongly encouraged to report any witnessed harassment or discrimination. To learn more, including how to report something, please view our Code of Conduct.