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Improv Forms Elective

Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

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January 9, 2019 - January 13, 2019

PREREQUISITE: To register for this class you must have completed level 2 of our improv training program, or be a graduate of another improv theater.

An improv form is anything decided on before the show that gives the show shape.

Whether it’s deciding on a style (like a movie), an editing mechanic (tap-outs only), or a general rule (all scenes have to take place in the same physical space), forms give improvisers a focus that brings cohesion to their shows.

Each form can also be used as a training tool by improvisers to strengthen specific abilities.

In this 4 week course students will explore a variety of forms and use them to improve fundamental skills including game of the scene, spontaneously creating memorable characters, and working as a group to weave scenes into a cohesive whole.

This class meets weekly for 4 weeks on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm starting Wednesday, January 9th.

Class will be held at Fallout Theater, located at 616 Lavaca St in downtown Austin.

Tuition is $125, and is due by the first day of class (Jan. 9th).

This class culminates in a student recital show for friends and family.

Payment plans are available on a case-by-case system. If you would like to inquire about a payment plan please email classes@fallouttheater.com.

This class is limited to 12 students, so reserve your spot now!

This elective counts as 1 credit hour towards the 4 hours needed to graduate.

About The Instructor

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