Who Are You?! What do you want?! Why should we care?! - Improv Workshop w/ Micheal Foulk

Sundays at 12:00 pm

April 21, 2019

You are funny. Let’s just accept that right from the start. When we’re doing improv, the first step is believing that we belong on that stage and we are funny. Now the hard part is shaping what’s funny into something that is memorable. As improvisers, we can create moments on stage that last well after the edit.

In this workshop, you will work to develop the key elements of stage work with a focus on character, motivation, and empathy. We will learn to ask ourselves the questions who, what, and why before we start yelling something funny. By making these parts of scene building second nature we can free our brains to follow game and pattern work more smoothly.

This class will take place at the Fallout Theater (616 Lavaca St) on Sunday April 21st from 12pm-3pm.

Tuition for this class is $30.

This class is limited to 12 students, so reserve your spot now!

Have questions? Please email classes@fallouttheater.com.

About Micheal Foulk

Micheal Foulk is a non-binary queer comedian, writer, educator, and community organizer thriving in Oakland, California.

Micheal has written and produced over 60 sketch shows with the sketch group Bad Example. Micheal performed for several years with comedy partner Vanessa Gonzalez as the duo HANDBOMB, their short play “The Vacationers” won the Best Of Festival award in the 2014 Frontera Fringe Festival. Micheal wrote and performed their first autobiographical one person show This Is How They Get You which chronicles their time as the closeted lead singer of a Christian screamo band Widows & Orphans. Micheal’s essays and articles have been published in Slate, VICE, Intomore, and TimeOut Magazine.

Micheal has been a featured performer on SF Sketchfest, Crom Comedy Festival, Moontower, OUTsider Festival, Frontera Fest, SXSW, ATX Sketchfest, Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival and other festivals in places. They are the co-creator of the LGBTQ+ performance organizations Greetings, from Queer Mountain (ATX/NOLA/NYC/OAK) and Queer Film Theory 101 (ATX/NYC).