Corporate Workshops

Team Building Through Comedy

Fallout Theater is a downtown comedy training center and venue, keeping Austin weird 7 days a week. We firmly believe that the skills learned in studying improv comedy directly translate to better results in the workplace, strengthening teams by focusing on:

  • Collaborating On New Ideas
  • Enhanced Listening Skills
  • Adapting To Unexpected Situations
  • Loosening Up & Taking Risks Together
  • Improving Confidence And Trusting Your Gut

Sometimes it takes trying new things in an unfamiliar situation to come together. Let us help you do that. Email to plan a corporate workshop for your team, and read on for more info!

How It Works:

We work with you in advance to determine your team’s goals and challenges, and to identify areas of improvement. Then we create a fulfilling workshop experience, with specific exercises catered to your company’s needs. A few examples of workshops we have…


This workshop is a crash-course through Fallout Conservatory’s sharpest and most fun team-building tools. At the start of a new work project, your team may be filled with doubt and self-judgement. This workshop is a series of exercises designed to force your team to think so quickly, they won’t have time to judge themselves or their ideas. Using tried and true mind-melding games and scenes, your team will learn to jump into the conversation and dodge those pesky hurdles of self-loathing and hesitation like the best of any improv comedy pro.


This workshop is a minimum of three hours and builds on the previous workshop’s ideas, but takes it a step further. With 30 minutes to go, the team will be split into two groups and each given 15 minutes to perform a real live improv show for their supportive peers, using exercises and confidence gained throughout the workshop.

Cost & Location

We recommend workshops last 2-3 hours, but can customize a program for your company. We charge $40 per participant and require a minimum of $640. Workshops can take place at your business or at Fallout Theater if you’re looking to for a change of scenery outside the office!

Want to learn more? Email to plan a corporate workshop for your team!


Yesterday was AMAZING! The whole group had a good time and everyone was buzzing when we got back to the office. People mentioned learning a lot about themselves, listening, and working as a team. Several people said they were interested in taking more advanced classes…All around the perfect fun team building event. – Caitlin, New Knowledge

Our instructor did a great job of teaching, directing, and redirecting the games as well as tying it back in to our content and explaining how to use it in the classroom. She established a safe environment to take risks and was kind and enthusiastic. – Leander ISD