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What Are Comedy Classes Like At Fallout?

Improv. Sketch. Good Times.

Group of happy students from one of Fallout Theater's comedy classes

Study comedy in Austin’s most historic basement theater! Learn improv and sketch taught in a similar fashion to UCB.

The Fallout Conservatory Program teaches specific Improv and Sketch skills that will prepare you for any situation on stage or in real life.

Our curriculum is currently in transition as we make sure to offer the most important and current needs however we will always offer an emphasis on characters, recognizing game, and strong ensemble work (you’ll learn all about it). Our comedy classes are also based in JOY, which means having fun even when overthinking and second-guessing.

“We often think that we must be funny when really we should just be having fun. Doing comedy should always be a joyous occasion. All the other skills fall into place when we are having a good time.” – Maddie Cordovano

Improv Classes

We offer improv comedy classes all year long baby! Classes are held weekly over the course of 8 weeks and each class is 2 hours long. 

You’ll explore sharing space with a group of players, active listening, and how to be truthfully funny. Also, you’ll get the opportunity to perform in showcases for your friends and family while you move level-to-level.

Like most theaters, our curriculum covers all the basics, forms, and scene work. However, we also have a strong emphasis on being a kind and supportive teammate. 

Our curriculum also teaches big characters, organic scene work, and stage presence. These skills will fully prepare you to shine on our stage or any other. 

Level 1: Just beginning your improv journey? This class is for you!

Level 2-5: For improvisers looking to expand their skill sets, form troupes, and continue their journey through improv.

Like our Improv program we also offer sketch classes all year long! Classes are held weekly over the course of 8 weeks and each class is 2 hours long. 

In our sketch comedy classes you will learn to harness your creative ideas on paper and transform them into onstage productions. With support from classmates and your teacher, we will guide you from start to finish. Not only will you graduate with the skills needed to keep writing but you will have finished products ready for the stage.

Perfect for: Those who enjoy writing and would like to see their humor transition from the page to stage.

Level 1: Intro to writing sketch and different styles.

Level 2: Learning to write as a group and polish sketches for showcase at end of session.

Level 3: Write, direct, cast, produce, perform in a full length sketch show created by you and your class!


Sketch Classes
Performance Opportunities

We currently off a monthly jam (Jelly) which is a free opportunity to practice improv with other students and teachers. Come play the last Sunday of the month at 6pm in our theater!

To keep up with everything we have to offer feel free to join our community discord with your real name here: https://discord.gg/3Y6mAmF67P 

Anti-Harassment Policy:

The Fallout Theater has a zero-tolerance policy concerning any intimidating, abusive, or harassing actions. All members of the community are responsible for maintaining a safe environment as a place of learning and performance, for building each other up through respect and not tearing each other down based on perceived differences. All individuals are strongly encouraged to report any witnessed harassment or discrimination. To learn more, including how to report something, please view our Code of Conduct.

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