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Building Trust and Confidence Through Improv Comedy

The principles of improv build confidenceexpand the world of possibilities, and create a supportive and fun environment that promotes collaboration.

At Fallout Theater, we firmly believe that the skills learned in studying improv comedy directly translate to better results in the workplace.

Improv Team Building: A Fun Experience With Unlimited Benefits

Team building, corporate training, and leadership training through improv is not only fun, but will positively impact your day-to-day life and the way your team works together.

Teams will learn how to support and build on what each other say through active listening. Building this safe environment together helps team members know they are being heard, know they’re being supported, and learn to collaborate under pressure. Our workshops focus on:

  • Collaborating On New Ideas
  • Enhancing Listening Skills
  • Adapting To Unexpected Situations
  • Loosening Up & Taking Risks Together
  • Improving Confidence And Trusting Your Gut

Sometimes it takes trying new things in an unfamiliar situation to come together. Let us help you do that. Email owners@fallouttheater.com to plan a corporate workshop for your team, and read on for more info! 

Corporate Improv Training: Professional Development at Every Level

From the boardroom to the locker room to the classroom, improv comedy is increasingly becoming utilized as professional development for businesses, teams and beyond. Ready to try something new? Step out of the box and build trust within your unstoppable team.

Improv training as a team building exercise helps groups become more aligned through communication, collaboration, and support. With improv training, you plant seeds for ultimate growth from the individual to your business, and beyond.

Improve Public Speaking, Presentation, and Communication Skills with Improv Training

There’s an element of uncertainty that comes along with improvising. You don’t know what’s going to happen in a scene, or where it’s going to go. The scenario you start in is often completely different than where you end up. This pressure provides a unique team building opportunity that builds trust, collaboration, and innovation.

Looking to become more engaging as a team? Exercise your creativity through our improv corporate workshops and gain confidence in your public speaking skills, while you knock the socks off your clients. Not only will your team learn different tools for communicating effectively with each other, they’ll also gain new perspective on ways to approach your business. Take a risk and try something new – you learn more from your failures than your successes, and improv is the perfect way to put yourself out there and get comfortable with the idea of failure.

Cost & Location

We work with you in advance to determine your team’s goals and challenges, and to identify areas of improvement. Then we create a fulfilling workshop experience, with specific exercises catered to your company’s needs.

We recommend corporate workshops last 2 hours, but can customize a program for your company. We charge $75 per participant and require a minimum of $750. Workshops can take place at your business or at Fallout Theater if you’re looking to for a change of scenery outside the office!



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