Bounce House Rides Again

The return of an Austin stand-up comedy staple

at 7:00 pm (Doors at 6:30 pm)


Our headliner is the fantastic Amy Miller (Comedy Central)!

She’s joined by local favorites Lea’h Sampson (Babesfest) and Rob Gagnon (Stoned Vs. Drunk Vs. Sober).

Hosted by Austin’s Jon Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins versions of Mario and Luigi, Danny Palumbo and Aaron Brooks

“The last time I saw his face was when he went over the hill just east of our farm. He said he’d be back in a few weeks and I had no reason not to believe him. He’d never lied before. He rode away on our only horse and left us.

That winter was hard. The frost, early that year, came first for the broad beans, then the peas. We were lucky to have much by the way of onions, even. Ma said she’d never seen anything like it. She sure talked a lot about the weather. Maybe it was to get her mind off of pa and where he was. She sat on the porch every night, well past sundown, waiting for him to come over the hill on that old mare.

All winter, she waited, and he never came.

The cold snap broke as early as it came and gave way to a bountiful spring. On the first morning of the spring harvest, the constable came over the hill to tell us that they’d found pa and the horse froze to death about a two week’s ride away. It looks like they tried to wait out a storm in a cavern and never were able to make it out.

Hard times make hard people. At least we ate well that spring.”

$10 online / $12 door

BYOB Policy

Fallout Theater is BYOB every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Patrons 21+ are allowed to bring alcoholic beverages and enjoy them in the theater during the show.

Ticket Refund Policy

If you buy an online ticket, you must arrive 30 min before the show start time to guarantee your seat. If you do not check-in and claim your ticket at least 10 min before the show start time, your seats may be given away to people who have signed up for that show’s waitlist. In the event you are not present and your seat has been forfeited, no refund will be offered.