there is no god and he will kill us all

there is no god and he will kill us all

Experimental Film Screening

there is no god and he will kill us all

Sunday, November 4, 2018 at 7:00 pm (Doors at 6:30 pm)

Two films will be screened at the event: there is no god and he will kill us all (heavily experimental) and Raw Dog Got a Raw Deal.

Christopher Scott Knudsen died October 9, 2017. He’d been diagnosed with a rare bile duct cancer a month earlier, and there had been a complication resulting in an aggressive infection that killed him one week later. That last week, he contacted his friend, filmmaker Nick Toti, who flew to New York to say goodbye.

Over the next five days, Nick shot a short documentary with Chris about everything that was happening while he was waiting to die. Chris was a very funny, very odd person so this movie, titled Raw Dog Got A Raw Deal, has a lot of humor despite obviously also being very sad.

While there, Chris also gave Nick a 16mm film reel that contained an experimental film that he had been working on for the previous two years. Chris’s movie, titled there is no god and he will kill us all, was made by painting directly onto vintage stag films and film leader then running it through different chemicals and other atypical processing tricks.

Though he’d essentially finished the film, Chris lacked the resources to add the finishing touches or even see the whole work projected while he was alive. He left the film to Nick along with instructions to digitize it, add a soundtrack (also created by Chris and passed to Nick on a cassette tape), add titles/credits, and then get it seen by people.

there is no god and he will kill us all is a major work of experimental cinema, created by an unknown artist who died before he had the chance to see it completed. It has never been screened for an audience, making this screening at Fallout Theater its world premiere.

Nick Toti will be in attendance to introduce the film along with his short documentary about Chris’s final days, Raw Dog Got A Raw Deal.

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